From Snow To Sunlight,I Loved You More.


I traveled from snow to sunlight in 15 days and this is how I made sure that this is what I am made for.I dug deep down my soul and got to know myself more with every step I took.This time was different,I saw my reflection in sun light and my heart melted in snow.

Every step I take into the wide open is a step forward into a life full of adventures.Every breathe of fresh air is a new promise of a dream coming true.Every time I step on a new land I fall in love all over again.Every where I go I leave pieces of my soul and my heart that’s why I never feel home anywhere.. anymore.It’s true that there’s a price you pay when you travel and it’s big but it’s also true that it’s worth it.

img_20170112_155907“Sometimes the longest connections yield very little growth,while the briefest encounters change everything.”☯ 

When I saw the two sides of the world I learned how beautiful differences can be.Different is good when you see the beauty of the contradictions.Nature is brilliant when it paints a much more beautiful scene every second.Change is the only constant yet it freaks us out.The beauty of the opposites lies in how different they are yet still beautiful each in it’s own way.Our colors and different features define us yet adds to our uniqueness and we become more appealing to our opposites through them.

Change is said to be scary,It’s the fear of the unknown and the unfamiliar.Yet I didn’t find myself scared when I saw rain turn into snow,I didn’t freak out when I saw rivers freeze.I don’t regret the drastic change in my plans because it led me to where I needed to be.I needed the artistic dose, the food pleasure and the happiness I had in Italy.I needed the snow, the intellectual experience and the peace I had in Slovakia.I needed the magic,the beauty and the good vibes I had in Hungary.I needed the companionship, the sea and the sunlight I had in Dahab.

I fell in love when I traveled from snow to sunlight,every step of the way.

16142918_10158133862170080_4446252771619428896_n“Sunlight! The most precious gold to be found on Earth.”



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