Star Dust Realizations

I am not made for a daily routine and a desk job.
I am made for a long gaze at the stars on a beautiful night.
I am made for a mountain hike and a walk in the forest listening to the nature talks.
I am made for long meaningful talks and intellectual interactions.
I am made for smiling at strangers and walking in silence watching life happens.
I am made for falling in love with people,buildings,trees and just any and everything.
I am made for the unexpected and the too random.
I am made for the pleasure of the spontaneous decisions and the beautiful change in plans.
I am made for laughing until I burst in tears.
I am made for waking up to someone’s laugh and to the smell of fresh made cookies.
I am made of pleasure and sadness.
I am made of all the scars life gave me and yet I survived.
I am made of my beautiful experiences and my breakdowns.
I am made of kindness and empathy.
I am made of peace,love and magic.
I am made for much more.
I am made for adventure,I am made of star dust.

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