On Things That Make Life Better : Inquire Within

Have you ever heard about the “Monkey mind “? well its the mind that is always busy with nonsense and is never still. I never knew that the main cause of all my problem was my monkey mind until I knew Peace Revolution and meditation. Before I started meditation I couldn’t focus on one thing at a time and my mind was always wandering about everything and anything wasting all my energy on nonsense.I started my self development journey on Peace Revolution website in August 2015 and applied for the Global Peace On The Move 17 Fellowship in Thailand. At the moment i was still stumbling on the inner peace and meditation journey but I was lucky enough to have a wonderful Peace Coach who guided me everyday until I got there step by step learning about the tool that would change my life.

At the beginning my meditations were full of anxiousness and distracting thoughts but it wasn’t long before I began to see changes in my life because of meditation. Day by day i learned how to still my mind and how to handle my distracting thoughts and meditation became the best part of my everyday routine.It was amazing to have time everyday just to sit still and relax my body and mind, I would have never believed how amazing it is until I tried it. For the first time I felt connected with my inner self, I began to feel that I don’t need answers because I inquire within. They say you actually tap into the soul of the universe when you mediate and you begin to connect to the bigger picture and the whole and I guess they are right.

Completing the 42 days of the self development program, a PIPO proposal and two special ops, I got lucky and was invited to be a part of GPM 17 in Thailand. I had a strong feeling that this journey will change my life and it did. Being a part of GPM 17 was one of the best things that happened in my life. Our everyday schedule at Mooktawan sanctuary changed my habits into better ones and encouraged me to keep going on my self development journey. Through my inner peace journey at GPM 17 I got to learn a lot about myself and what really makes me happy and what should I change about myself. I had a chance to be alone but not lonely because I began to enjoy my company and appreciate others company’s more.The teaching monks were the best teachers and they gave us the best guidance. I really give most of the credit to them because without them it would have been so much harder to understand things and look at life with a new eye and a clear vision.Living on Koh Yao Noi island and having that experience with all that came with it is something I will never forget. Now meditation became an essential part of my life and my journey with Peace Revolution made me the person I am now , A better version of myself.

“Meditation ” because not all questions are answered by Google. Start your inner peace journey now and you will never regret it. Become a part of the peace force and lets start building world peace.


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