My Restless Roaming Soul: Germany

It was my first and it couldn’t be the last. May 2012, Almost one year after my graduation and my soul was desperate for something new. That’s when a good friend of mine told me about “Greifswald International Student Festival “in  Germany, The festival’s topic was ” Face to face paving the way to a non violent society”. I applied just because I had nothing else better to do so I was totally doing it carelessly and i am so glad i did.

Somehow the universe collaborated and handed me the chance to be selected in this student festival and I got an invitation letter to go to Germany for 7 days! The program offered it’s participants free accommodation through the whole festival plus free meals and transportation. So I was practically going to Germany for free! I just had to pay for my ticket which was about 270 € ( Equivalent to approximately 2700 EGP ) and well .. the universe  collaborated again and i got the money.

I arrived at Munich airport and it was my first time out of Egypt, it was so weird to breathe the air of a land far far away from home and ever since I became addicted. I traveled by train from south to north getting to pass by the whole German land and falling in love with every part of it. From the train window, i watched the more greens than i have ever seen. I arrived before just before mid night at Griefswald and was totally sleep walking to my host’s place. In the morning i woke up with the strangest feeling, i felt so shocked and scared. It was my first time on my own in a strange place with people i don’t know and really far away from home. I dragged myself out and headed to the festival’s main center and that’s when that feeling was gone right away.292413_10151898764045080_1611538669_n

Germany, a train ride from South to North.

 I enjoyed every day of the program. The workshops were fun and very informative, I learned a lot and got to meet so many amazing people from all around the world. However i wasn’t looking forward to meet any Egyptians, i met four amazing Egyptian men who are my best friends now and i consider myself very lucky to have them in my life. My hosts were two sweet and welcoming German girls who helped me since day one and even gave my a bike. I enjoyed breakfast with them every early morning then took my map and rode my bike to the workshops center.I walked the clean streets day and night and enjoyed riding my bike like a true German. I went to the beach and realized that ” YES ” Egypt have the best beaches!. Late night parties were the most fun, we danced and laughed and made memories for life. I ate a lot, i tried everything starting from the typical German dishes to the famous doner kebab and fell in love with the cherry cola !. The days went by and i found myself back at the airport with a ticket back to Egypt and a deep feeling that things won’t be the same anymore.


Sending peace and happiness from Germany to the whole world.

The whole experience made me realize that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. Every breathe I took was a promise that from here on life would be better and that the world will keep smiling every time I take a chance to visit a new part of God’s beautiful earth. I knew i would fall in love with every step ahead and hell yes i did.


Griefswald Town Hall.

So for all the girls out there who are afraid of traveling whatever the reason is. You can do it! you have no idea how strong you are and how capable you are. You can do it just take your first step. Once you do it your restless roaming soul will be longing for your next trip. Mine never stopped and never will.

Stay tuned for ” My Restless Roaming Soul : Germany Part II” , i will be telling all about how i traveled to Germany for FREE for the second time!


2 thoughts on “My Restless Roaming Soul: Germany

  1. I was really honored to meet you there yoyty and i’m very thankfull of having a best friend like you in my life thanks to Gristuf 😍 I felt every word you have mentioned it was so amazing and passionating that was our first paper to read in the book of earth …… 😃

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